Everyday Influencers Episode 1 – Makeba Waller

Everyday Influencers focuses on highlighting everyday people who are influencing and impacting their world right where they are! Our first interview is with Mrs. Makeba Waller! Makeba is a wife, mother, business owner, and believer who has been in business for more than 14 years and married for 23+ years! She is so full of […]

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5 Great Ways to Connect With Your Clients

I was thumbing through twitter recently when I saw a picture with Ivanka Trump and her newborn son with a short link to Instagram. 
It wasn’t just the beauty of the picture that drew me in, what really drew me was the fact that the Ivanka Trump was holding her baby, heir to the Trump fortune, […]

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I Have a Son

I have a son, his name is Trey. Trey is actually his nickname, his formal name is Frederick.  Frederick Martin Fulcher III to be exact. He is the third generation of young men to carry this name. His middle name, Martin was chosen by his great grandmother for her son his grandfather. His father, my […]

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