A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of running around Disney World with my kids while they were on spring break. I decided that I wouldn’t take any calls, answer emails, check or post to social media. I wanted to take a full week and give them all of me!

2 years ago I would have never been able to do this in my business, in part because I was so focused on being a solopreneur and perfectionist.  I somehow missed the part of my vision about building a great company that allowed me the freedom and quality of life I desired.

Like so many others I celebrated the fact that I could “do it all”. I thought being a martyr in business was what made me successful so I glorified long work hours and sacrificing time with my family.

Here’s what I learned through that process, I wasn’t just risking my family relationships, I was also risking my health.

Let me be the first to tell you, risking your health for the hustle is never worth it. Click To Tweet

Successful businesses are never built in solidarity. The keys to a profitable and scalable business lies in systems, outsourcing, and automation. Systems offer freedom from the self employment mentality that keeps you grinding in your company day and night. It also provides opportunities for growth allowing you valuable time to think creatively about how to diversify products and services opening new revenue streams and widening your audience base.

Additionally,  systems allow you to run your business on autopilot providing clarity for productivity and efficiency.

Transitioning from self employee to a smart, systematic and savvy organization requires making some fundamental changes in your mindset and they way you run your company. Click To Tweet

If you’re ready to set your business on autopilot here 3 steps you need to take initiate that process.

  1. Shift your Mindset – Stop thinking about your company as a one man shop and really consider the impact you can make if you look at the long term benefits of working with a team. Not everyone company is meant to be the next Fortune 500 but having a group of likeminded individuals building towards a common goal is far more beneficial than going it alone.


2. Create a System-If your company doesn’t already have a systematic way they go about doing things then now is the time. There should be a system in place for everything from marketing, sales, lead generation, social media, hiring, and training. Where there is no system, there are problems. Create a process and checklist for each area of your business. Theses systems will allow you to find and eliminate your problem areas and  refine your processes to the point of perfection.


3. Outsource and Automate Based on the Systems Workflow – Once you have created systems in your business you are now free to outsource and automate tasks to employees,contractors,or online management systems. This is the place where you begin to free up your time and really put your     productivity into perspective. Allowing you to focus your energies on more profitable tasks.

At the core every business is systems, a collection of processes that work together daily for an intended result. The more focus you place on improving the systems the more efficient and productive the systems become resulting in more sales and profit.

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