Entrepreneurs are typically highly creative types. Our ideas sometimes have ideas and left to our own devices we can (at times)  have strong variations of extremes. Much of entrepreneurship is done in silo leaving us vulnerable to lack in balance, diversity and perspective. Without proper checks and balances entrepreneurs can hurt their businesses which in turn hurts the bottom line. Here are 5 tips to remaining accountable in business!

  1. Accountability balances your life– Your initial work in the area of entrepreneurship is always all consuming.  Getting a new project, book, business, or idea off the ground can take away all of your free time and energy. In a nation where busyness is celebrated it is very easy to begin to adapt to the all work no play lifestyle. However, this practice put into effect over long periods of time can easily lead to burnout, illness, and loss of relationships. Accountability balances your life, it is the person, friend, co-worker or family member that encourages you to take time off, enjoy a hobby, spend time with friends, or take that vacation. Accountability tips the scales of balance in your life.
  1. Accountability honors integrity– Our natural makeup can at times tempt us in the area of integrity. Even with the best intentions we oftentimes war with ourselves about doing the right things. Where there is no accountability the war of wrongs has an even greater opportunity to win. Click To TweetNot because we wanted to give in, but because no one was there to inform or uphold the standard. Accountability honors integrity, and provides room for growth where integrity comes into question.
  1. Accountability encourages creativity– When you place others in their strength zones within your company you have a winning combination and a greater degree of creativity. Maybe not in the artistic sense but structures and order can be created in a variety of ways. When you allow others to be accountable to their position and don’t attempt to go it alone,( a common mistake of entrepreneurs,) then you are far more likely to gain valuable and insightful discussion and outcomes from your team.
  1. Accountability helps you set and maintain goals– Let’s be honest, sometimes we have great ideas but have difficulty seeing them to fruition. A large part of this is time management and if we are not careful we burden ourselves with more work than necessary. Accountability provides a call to action, a projected timeline. It forces your hand on the deadline and keeps from us procrastination. As you become more busy setting and maintaining goals accountability keeps you from taking on more than you or your company can handle.

    5. Accountability keeps you humble– When you have tasted success large and small, you can                     very easily begin to feel a strong sense of pride about your work. Sometimes a little too much                           pride, which can lead to entitlement, arrogance, and other acts of disdain. Accountability partners                 keep you humble, they show you that it’s not all about you or your gift, and that quite frankly there                 are others who can and will do it better. There’s nothing worse than losing your business sense to a               strong love of oneself. This is not to say that you should lack confidence in your abilities, there’s just a           necessary balance to maintain that confidence and accountability can help you achieve that balance.

Growing a successful business is never done in silo, it vital to have others in your corner who will keep you accountable, balanced, and aligned with your overall goals.