Christmas is coming to an end.

The time between holidays and the first of the year is always such an awkward work time for me because I am still off (ps I never subscribe to the entrepreneurs are never off byline.) until the first of the year but I know there is work that can be done.

I cherish my family time, so I make it a point to be engaged but I also spend this time cleaning up my business life and preparing for the new year (ps, I also don’t subscribe to the if you are planning after the new year you are late mentality, you can start over ANY day so you are never late!)

With that being said here are six ways to update your business during the holidays that will take you less than 10 mins a day.

Clean out your email box – You have subscribed to a million things this year, some of which may no loner be serving you so its time to clean up that box. Unsubscribe, delete, and make space for the new opportunities coming this year.

Check on your Paid Subscriptions – Last year I realized I had overspent close to $500 a year on subscriptions I no longer used. That $2.99, $5.99, $9.99 really starts to add up when you are looking at the overall year. So take a moment and check on those subscriptions, you just might give yourself a raise.

Write a Customer Appreciation Note/Email – Thank those who have done business with you this year. This goes a very long way! You might want to even add a discount good to be used in the new year. Either way thank those who have been apart of the journey this year.

Set up your 2020 Work Schedule – Even though you get to manage your time as an entrepreneur having a work schedule helps keep you focused and in alignment with the work that you are doing.

Plan out your Marketing Goals – Awww, now you know I was going to through this one in here! How could I not! Now is the perfect time to plan your marketing goals for 2020. Start with a growth strategy, move to a nurture strategy, and then create a conversion strategy. I will be talking more about this is a free training, lives and online in the next few weeks be sure to follow me.

I am a big believer in taking time for yourself and your family, but getting a jumpstart on the new year will make you feel that much more prepared when the clock strikes 12 at midnight.

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Merry Christmas!!!