I was thumbing through twitter recently when I saw a picture with Ivanka Trump and her newborn son with a short link to Instagram. 

It wasn’t just the beauty of the picture that drew me in, what really drew me was the fact that the Ivanka Trump was holding her baby, heir to the Trump fortune, just like well… I would. As a mother, I was instantly connected to her on a deeper level. I felt as if we could meet for a playdate or have coffee and chat about the kids. That photo led me to her brand, her business, and within moments I was sitting there with credit card in hand ready to make a hefty purchase from the Ivanka Trump collection. Somehow seeing her cradle her baby in her arms made me feel for just a moment as if we were connected in the tribe of motherhood.

Are you connecting with your clients on this level? Do you know how to talk to them emotionally and relationally without trying to close the sale? Here are some great ways to connect with your clients on a deeper level and turn that connection into profits.

1. Social Media – This is key! There are so many ways to connect with clients via social media, new technologies like Snapchat and Hang With give you real time mini-marketing opportunities that can create impactful connections outside of the traditional sales environment. Instagram is another great way to connect with your clients in real time via photos. These micro life updates helps to personalize your company and brand.

2.  Email Marketing– Everyday or every other day I receive an email from a ton of marketers. Most of whom I have subscribed to. There are times when this is totally annoying, but other times it’s extremely helpful. When a client goes looking for you, you should be found. Find your way into your clients inboxes on a regular basis. Don’t always use this an opportunity to sell but rather, give free resources, product offerings, or discounted services offer some inspiration or ask some questions about quality. Either way this is a great way to build brand loyalty and email expectation.

3. Create an Impact – Connect your company to something deeper than yourself. Clients love to be apart of the bigger picture and are far more likely to purchase product that is environmentally friendly, has a portion of the proceeds donated for a worthy cause, or can give in a way that is beneficial to others. If you are in a particular niche market find a non-profit or company to connect with and create a larger impact in the hearts of your customers and the lives of other people.

4. Survey- Understand the needs, wants, desires of your clients by offering surveys or focus groups. This will allow you to see their needs and fulfill them. There are so many product and service offerings today but if you feel confident that your needs are being heard and met, you are likely to remain with the brand. Think about your favorite store, restaurant, and why. Do this for your clients. Everyone just wants to be heard, be a company with a listening ear and open heart.

5. Be Personable– Offer up personality in your company and brand. I love it when I go to a restaurant and the management staff comes by the table to make jokes or talk with our kids. Building personality into your brand makes you engaging which in turn makes for an easier sell. Consider the Disney brand, there is so much personality but you always want to go there right! Big personality is no longer reserved for entertainment and media. In today’s market businesses are having to build personality into their sales and marketing models as well.

These are just a few ways to help build your client base through deeper connections. The impact  you have on your clients typically leads to a greater impact in the form of profits.

When you fail to consider your clients, they fail to consider you as a business. {Tweet this}

Implementing these small, practical steps can lead to sustainable growth, client loyalty, and an attractive brand. Find me on Instagram: @tiffulcher