Half of the year has passed and this is the moment when many people began to evaluate their first of  the year goals. Where are you now, and what have you accomplished thus far?

The truth is most people have already given up on their goals by this point. Not because they are lazy or unmotivated but oftentimes because the goals they set for themselves originally were too far out of reach.

It’s one thing to set a goal to lose 50 pounds in a year.  That goal is sensible, allows for flexibility, and  attainable. To accomplish that same goal, however in let’s say a month’s time well, that’s nearly impossible but that’s what happens when we set ourselves up with unrealistic goals.

The primary purpose of goal setting is to fuel your ambition to keep you motivated and committed to the process. We derail this purpose however, when we over commit ourselves in ways that are unhealthy and improbable.

Setting sensible goals keep us on track and functioning. Here are 3 keys to creating sensible goals you can stick to.

  1. Be flexible – Life happens to the best of us. You maybe on track to grow your business by 100% this year all of a sudden you get sick or things at home fall apart and that goal seems completely unreachable.  There will always be variables beyond your own control. That doesn’t mean you give up on your goals, it does mean you realize there is room for flexibility. Make changes, shift your timelines, do whatever it takes except giving up. Just keep pushing!
  2. Be accountable – Find someone who will hold you to the fire and not let go. Accountability is your friend, it will keep you committed when nothing else will. Not only that, accountability accelerates your performance and keeps you engaged in the process. Connect with friends, family, or a coach who can keep you moving towards the finish line.
  3. Be specific – When you determine the when, where, and how your goals will be achieved you double your chances of success. The randomness of life can take over if you are careful. Planning your steps keeps you in alignment without your outcomes.

The year is far from over and a lot can be achieved in 6 months time when the objectives are clear and the pathway is set. Hang in there, stay consistent, and watch the results pour in!

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