Happy New Year lovelies,

If you’re like me you are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Despite what many people say 365 days is more than enough time to create some magical moments especially when you are intentional about your outcomes.

In the coming months our businesses will take many twists and turns as we expand, grow, and pivot. While it is a deep desire for most entrepreneurs to be successful, moving through the rollercoaster of business building can prove to be challenging even with the best intentions.

As we direct our resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, its important to set our objectives towards thriving and developing no matter what objections we may face.

Here are 4 Simple Ways to Thrive in 2016!

Set Concrete Goals with Action Steps – Did you know that 80% of people never reach the goals they set out in the new year? While intentions are great, action is even better. Not only do you need a deadline on your goals you need a plan of action to ensure they transpire in a reasonable amount of time. It’s not enough to simply want to see more profit in your business, you have to devise a realistic plan to follow that will bring about profit in your business.Outcomes are everything and if we aren’t careful we will spend year after year wishing, hoping, and dreaming of things that are well within our reach. Take the time to develop a solid plan and then communicate the plan to all parties who will be apart of helping see it come to light.

Increase Marketing Efforts – There are a one hundred different ways to get the word out about your business and while you can’t use them all using 99 isn’t half bad. Whatever marketing efforts you put forth in the last year that bought forth a significant ROI, double it. If you’re missing out on the marketing piece altogether, now is the time to get a serious plan in place. Consumers are only as informed as you make them and with so many things rivaling for their attention its important to be out front and center. Research shows that if you focus 2 days a week on marketing profits can increase by as much as 60%, can you say cha ching!

Be More Productive – If you’re going to achieve any less of success you have to level your distractions if not completely cut them off. Not only that you have to direct your time so that you are handling the most profit worthy affairs first and remainder later if at all. Distractions are costly and a huge time waster. They disturb continuity and progress and produce fruitless results. The number one key to increased productivity is focus. To boost your productivity in 2016 concentrate on your outcomes and eliminate all futile barriers that will keep you from getting there.

Delegate More Work – Don’t continue in your business as the jack of all trades and master of none. Find quality contractors, employees, or systems that can acquire tasks and complete them. Your sole responsibility as central authority in your business is to generate revenue through your skills, gifts, or relationships. Your time should be spent fixated on how to make this happen or ensuring that it continues to happen. Without profit the business will fail. As a leader, you need to create the space to give yourself and others permission to assist you. This will take a major mindset shift if you are accustomed to keeping everything close to your chest, but its the only way to expand your business. Being in the middle of every decision and working every part of your company limits the capacity of your growth rate significantly. Create a list of all the tasks you can outsource and start giving them away immediately.

2016 can be one of your best year’s in business, its all about making quality decisions that will lead to this conclusion. If you find yourself lost say 3-6 months into the year, revisit the list, realign, adjust, and modify accordingly. As you improve upon your outcomes, pay close attention to what’s working. Strive to make the positives a habitual practice rather than a resolution.