One of the most difficult but rewarding tasks of an entrepreneur is letting their company fall into the hands of another person. During the early years many business owners will tell you they work through every task within the company from accounting to marketing, sales and more. Every job that needs to be done, they do it with precision and accuracy no doubt. 

In order to truly grow your business  beyond a certain point however, you must become comfortable with releasing the work and hiring capable, quality employees or contractors. This is the point where running a business moves from “doing to leading”.  This means stepping back from the day to day operations of your company and being more of an overseer.

As an overseer,  you aren’t losing control, instead you are  empowering and equipping others with the tools they need to be successful in various roles within your company.

You are creating active participants who are willing to cultivate the company vision and you incentivize their participation with pay.  This is all about creating opportunities to enrich the life of your company and you customers.

Delegation and leading begins with hiring the right people, ensuring there is proper procedure, policy and systems and carrying out tasks in an efficient and organized manner.  

With the right systems in place not only does the company begin to run much smoother without you but you are given more space, time, and opportunity to market your product, bring in more business, or even extend your current business model.

Not only that working on your business frees you up to have more quality time with your family, friends, associates and finally have the ability to do some of the things you love.  Hence where the true benefits come in. 

Although shifting the way you work may come with some difficulty at first, understanding your role as leader versus doer is a necessary step in the process of growth. When we want next level results, we have to change the way we work, because doing the same thing expecting something different well that is called insanity.

The time is now to change the way you see yourself (leader not doer), hire quality employees (even part-time), and began to expand your business vision beyond your wildest imagination.