One of the most common startup questions I receive is the question around the right timing to launch a new company. 

Honestly speaking, its a very difficult question to answer with certainty. Entering into business for yourself is all about moving into a world of the unknown. There are no right or wrongs in entrepreneurship, every bit of can prove to have a slight learning curve no matter your background.

What I can tell you from experience is the longer you prolong the risk, the greater the possibility it will never happen. This is why it’s best to dive into your business now, rather than waiting  until the “perfect” time.


Here are 5 Reasons why Now is the best time to start any business!

1.Technology has made it easier than ever – There’s an app for that has become far more than a buzz word, for many entrepreneurs it has become a reality. There is no shortage of online systems that can assist even the smallest business in customer support, email management, sales, marketing, even accounting and payroll. With cloud computing applications are affordable through subscription with minimal upfront costs.

2. You lack fulfillment in your current role  That’s not to say that everyday as an entrepreneur is sunshine and roses because its not  (no matter what the Instagram meme’s say) but if you find yourself fighting to look on the bright side of what you do every  single day it maybe time for a change. Most people haven’t evaluated their gifts enough to understand their value. Take stock of  what  you have to offer and how to profit from your gifts.

3. You can start small and build it up – There’s nothing wrong with having a little something on the side, ( well maybe if you’re married but that’s another post altogether…ha) This is the company  I co-own with my spouse, Marcole was started! Hubby was moonlighting and got laid off in the process, the moonlighting side hustle turned into a full  blown contract with a team of 7 and wha-la Marcole was born. If you’re not working or walking towards your dream,  you’re not  going to get there. Starting small allows you insight to customers, market, and money. Avert the big risk, if you’re not ready to  jump all the way in. 

4. Waiting won’t change it – The truth of the matter is there is no perfect time and waiting won’t help. You should take advantage of the opportunity in front of you right now or you could sit back and assume there is a better time to move forward. I had a client who wanted to change her business model to create more freedom in her life, in the middle of the project she realized she was expecting and is now even more motivated to see it through. What was once a mere thought has become a motivating factor for her to create a more balanced life once her little one arrives. Imagine though if she had waited, she would have still had the same desires but now she would have been working with a different set of circumstances. 

5. Your dreams don’t work unless you do – This one is my absolute favorites! I spend a lot of my time motivating women to take action in business and life.  What I find is many people want to be inspired but they don’t want to do the grunt work. This is why so many women run from one coach and conference to another. They are eating a steady diet of inspiration but fail to move forward with any implementation. If you don’t do the work, you can’t reap the results. If you dream of a more fulfilled life, crave more freedom, seek more opportunity, or simply want to do what you love you have to work the dream. 

Just a few creative ideas about why now is the single best time to launch that new business venture! Don’t wait any longer, its time to get started RIGHT now! I’ll be launching some amazing tools in the next few weeks to help you get started on your venture!! If your interested in being one of the first to receive information about our upcoming launch be sure to register for our free newsletter and become one of our VIP’s!!!