I am getting a little personal today & asking a big question, do you have a business plan? Rest assured I am only asking because I want the best for you & I want to encourage you to create a simple roadmap to guide you on your way to success.

I will be the first to admit that the words “business plan” can be daunting and intimidating. I totally get it.  As a creative its hard to sit down for hours on end and write out every single detail of your business from start to finish.

There is however a way to create a simple yet effective plan that outlines your goals, objectives, and outcomes without the deep desire to beat your head against a computer until you pass out ( I may or may not be being a bit dramatic here..). In fact you can create a simple 1 page document in the span of 24 hrs that will give you clarity and a foundation.

A business plan is a living, breathing document that serves as a guide to the destination your business would like to travel to as it grows, expands, and multiplies.

Have you ever gotten in the car and completely forgotten where you were headed, OR knew the location but had no idea how to get there? Well in those cases you have google maps, and in business you have the power to create your own map.

Here are the 4 essentials needed to create an effective business plan:
Business Overview– This includes the business mission, overall goals, strategies and how the company will make money.

Market Analysis – Here you list your solution to the problems you are solving, a brief overview of your customers and who your direct and indirect competitors are.

Products/Services – This is where you list your products and services in detail. How much it cost to produce, the retail price, sales and revenue projections.

Action Plan/Implementation – Here you list in detail how to plan to make all of this come about. Marketing plans, funding plans, marketing plans, goals and outcomes.

SEE, that’s not sooo bad is it! Take some time this week and create your 1 page business plan and while you are at it REGISTER for my LAST FREE LIVE virtual training of the year. It’s a 7 Step Action Plan to Building a Profitable Business in 90 Days or Less. Click the link to register http://www.tiffanyfulcher.co/90daystart and I am looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!!!