Balancing business and family life is no easy task. There are times when it seems like everything runs smoothly and other times when it seems as though everything runs amuck. While most mompreneurs have strong qualities of organization, resilience, & risk-taking, confidence is the most needed quality to run a successful business.

Studies show that women are more likely than their male counterparts to exhibit self-doubt and lack confidence. In fact, women are far less likely to view themselves as entrepreneurs even wehn they run successful businesses along with successfully running homes.

As market trends shift and more and more women entrepreneurs enter the business world, its imperative that we see ourselves accurately. Many of us have done an exceptional job of running our homes which function akin to companies and have simply transferred those gifts and qualities to a new business.

When we begin to view our strengths for what they truly are, we can gain the confidence we need to carry out our callings in a more bountiful and prolific way.

I thought I would put together some easy to use steps to build confidence in women entrepreneurs and more specifically mompreneurs.

1. Understand that you’ve already done this – If you have ever told your child a story to get them to buy into an idea you worked in sales, had to convince someone that your neighborhood school was the best- well that’s called marketing, and what about the time you wanted a new purse but it wasn’t in the family budget so you held a garage sale and sold all of your old purses you know revenue generation. The key here is you have already done this before, it just looked different but it was the same activity. You can walk in confidence knowing you’ve practiced this skill many times before and perfected it long before you acquired an llc.

2. Network with other Mompreneurs– There’s nothing like a network of strong women on one accord. We can achieve almost anything when we come together. We are also the best cheerleader of one another, network, network, network to grow not just your confidence, but your base of advocates and supporters. This group will motivate you to move beyond your comfortable place and encourage you to feel more confident in going after your dreams.

3. Take courses and programs to increase your skills – I can’t tell you enough about this one, and not just because I have course offerings…:) But because the more you know, the more you grow. If you are learning and growing you are bound to be more confident in your business.

4. Do your best work and worry less – This is key, because at the end of it all no one is perfect. We have to focus on doing our very best work and worry less about what others are doing and saying. When we center our efforts we are far more productive and our productivity yields confidence. Keep your eyes on the only prize the one right in front of you!

Confidence is a practiced skill, the more you practice being confident, the more confident you become. Start today making confidence a habit by taking more risks, trusting in positive outcomes, reaffirming your gifts and talents, and accepting and generously giving positive feedback and compliments.

Confidence is within you, just waiting to manifest itself and shine bright!

Blessings and Nothing Less,