Productivity in a business speaks to the core of every company. Whether you are a solopreneur, CEO, Executive or stay at home mom being productive provides you with a true sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and purpose. The trick is understanding the difference between productivity and busyness which can sometimes have the appeal of accomplishments but never really yields results.

In order to effectively run your business and life you must first define and apply productive activities. For each individual this is different because productivity has the greatest effect when you are working in areas where you excel.  When we fail to outsource or delegate activities that don’t serve us, we are sure to lose sight of our overall vision and purpose. Distractions seem to creep into our professional and personal lives causing us to lose focus, become frustrated, and even more unproductive. We can however, setup barriers  that allow us to manage our set-backs and distractions.

Those who are highly productive understand the need to manage their time and efforts effectively and are intentional about its use.tweet this

 Here are 7 Surefire Ways to be More Productive in Business and Life.

1. Outsource or delegate tasks to others. Spend your time where you excel. Use companies like O’desk or Elance to find virtual outsourcing solutions.

2. Go offline. If you are writing or creating a new product or service go to a local coffee shop put your headphones in, head down, and get busy.

3. Focus on tasks that are the most financially rewarding for your company. Spend your time and energy where it counts and stream line or do away with the rest.

4. Use Sunday evening as a planning time. I typically take Sundays as a day of rest during the day but in the evenings before I go to bed I plan out my business week, meals for the family, clothing, to scheduling it really helps my life move much smoother and eliminates confusion.

5. Take short 10 minute brain breaks throughout the day to renew your mind, energy, and focus.

6. Start your day with the largest tasks accomplish it and then move into smaller tasks. Save the tasks that require the least amount of brain power until the end of the day.

7. Get up an hour earlier.  Give yourself an extra hour in your day by rising a little earlier to complete tasks before the hustle and bustle of the day.

Bonus: Don’t get drawn into long meetings that have no outcome or agenda. Having unnecessary and laborious meetings is the antithesis of productivity. People love to meet over things that could have easily been explained or discussed in a simple email. This is the essence of busyness, be sure to only dedicate your time and energies where a rewarding outcome is likely.

Productivity in your life and business can yield great rewards. Ask yourself today if where you are spending your time is the most valuable? If you notice repetitive tasks that set you back or cause distractions make a list of them, spend time later addressing them or outsource, or filter them out of your life altogether.

Blessings and nothing less,