Creating content for marketing as a solopreneur or someone with a team can be time consuming and overwhelming.

It’s not just enough to create content the content has to be consistent, eye-catching, and alluring enough to be consumed by potential buyers and onlookers.

Too many times we feel like we have to create new content over and over again rather than batch creating or reusing our current content to build buyer awareness, market and grow our brand.

Here are 4 steps to batch creating and reusing content in your business.

  1. Start with a List – Make a list of 10 topics you could discuss about your business and then write 5 different ways that content can be created and distributed. For instance one of your topics maybe a client testimonial you can use that with video, podcast, audio, blog, white paper, or case study. If you find the 10 topics come easily to you write 10 more and 10 more until you exhaust your list or you come up with a full 30 days worth of content.
  2. Look back at former popular content – It’s never a bad idea to repurpose what was popular. Nor is it a bad idea to recreate popular blogs, post, or video. People like what they like, giving them more of it will just increase your viewership, traffic, and sales.
  3. Take a Day to Write and Record – The problem with having quality content for the most part is the time. Determine one day out of the week or month where you will spend several hours writing, recording, and creating content. If it’s you and a team then you all need to work together and determine your content days. Then spend that time focusing solely on creating and scheduling content.
  4. Create a Theme and A Timeline– Create a timeline of events happening in your business for the next 3 months and create content accordingly. If you have promos, anniversaries, live events, sales days, holidays, or another special events coming up be sure to include that in the theme for the quarter. This will not only help you create great content but it will align with holidays and promos in your business. It’s also a great time to look back at the content you used in previous years to see what can be reused.

These are some easy to use simple takes you can take right now to show consistently with your content online. Giving your customers free content is one of the best ways to provide more information about who you are and how they can take advantage of your services on or offline.