The most important part of having a successful business is sales. Without sales no money comes in, now money goes out, no contractors are paid, and the business as a whole is completely shut down.

Too many entrepreneurs however, don’t spend nearly enough time on sales.

Having a great product and service idea doesn’t always equate to being a great salesperson. More times than not entrepreneurs are intimidated by the rejection they may experience as a result of asking for the sale. It causes them to feel like a failure or not wanted especially when they are deeply connected to their business in an authentic, vulnerable way.

While it takes a lot to overcome the fear of rejection, we have to remember that rejection from another person oftentimes has very little to do with you. It’s also important to note that when selling you should focus on the benefits and outcomes someone will experience as a result of working with you shutting down objections before they even come about. If someone needs something they will go to the high heavens to get it but only when its presented right. So make sure you are telling people why they need you.
Procrastination is just another form of fear by default so when you fail to ask for the sale due to rejection it’s all wrapped up in the same blanket.

Here’s a 3 tips on how to create a healthy relationship with sales and overcome fear and procrastination.

1. Invest in Sales Training – There are a lot of amazing resources online about being a better sales person. There is an entire psychology behinds sales that needs to be known and understood. When you invest time in becoming better you will feel far more confident about implementing a sales system that works in your business consistently.

2. Accept Rejection – This is vital to the sales process and accepting it will help to overcome those fears immediately. There will be rejections, that is not a reflection on you as a business owner, not a reflection on your work, not a reflection on your service/business. Individuals all have their own reasoning for rejecting things that have absolutely nothing to do with you. Cost, time, mindset, fear, don’t let that stop you from asking for the sale from the next person. Someone, somewhere needs and wants what you have to offer.

3. Have a Sales System – A lot of the time people are afraid of sales because they don’t have a solid implementation process. When someone says yes, they panic because they honestly don’t know what to do next. Create a real sales process in your business that works on autopilot. 3 keys to a strong process are consumer in take, consumer on-boarding, consumer fulfillment. Write this process out and add it to your business plan. Then implement it over and over again, make changes as needed and implement it again. Your process will boost your sales confidence to an entirely new level.

Selling in your business is the #1 way to be profitable and no one is more passionate or zealous about your company than you. Don’t shy away from the opportunity, dig in and give it all you’ve got! Want to learn how to 10xs your Leads and Revenue? Join my Free Masterclass and learn the 4 Step Sales System to a Six Figure Business. Reserve your Seat Today.