Which Social Media Platforms Are Best for Marketing According to your Business Type.

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

When it come to social media and digital marketing there are plenty of places to land.

There are more platforms than there is time and when you are busy entrepreneur time is your greatest resource.

Showing up everywhere online is great for visibilities sake but when it comes to really creating conversions that go far beyond likes its important to show up where your potential customers hang out most.

With that being said here are the best platforms for marketing according to your business type.

Instagram -for Creatives, Beauty Service Providers, Boutiques, Health and Fitness, Coaching, Photographers, Bloggers. Instagram is heavy on the visuals if clients can see it they want it, spend time here.

Facebook- for Coaching, B2C, Service Providers, Solopreneurs, and Consulting. Facebook consumers are big on engagement and words. Photos are great but its more about community.

Twitter – Speakers, Service Providers, B2B Services, Events, Technology Twitter is all about speaking and creating the most impact with the least amount of conversation. Backlinks, video, photos, quotes, information are best used here.

Pinterest – Creatives, Handmade Goods, Coaching, Beauty Service, Health and Fitness. Photographers, Bloggers – Pinterest like Instagram is heavy on the visuals. So the same businesses can show up here as well.

SnapChat– Anyone selling anything to teenagers and people under the age of 25.

I didn’t really add youtube but its a great place for everyone to show up, provide insight, and grow your brand.

I suggest finding 1-2 platforms where your audience shows up consistently and spending time there. Provide content, invite them to the sell, run ads, and retarget.

It’s not just about showing up online, its about showing up in the right places, at the right times online.



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