One of the most common complaints I hear amongst business owners, particularly small business owners is lack of sales.

I understand why this could be a huge source of concern the main purpose of being in business is to sell more products/services to your ideal customers. When this fails to happen the business stops running effectively.

One of the most fruitful and powerful ways to turn your lack of sales around is to spend far more time marketing and promoting your business. In today’s market the competition is fierce, its imperative that you are spending time in front of your customers every single day.

While paid marketing efforts will get you to your goals a lot faster (if you are comfortable with how to use them) free strategies when used consistently can create authority and allow you to show up as an expert in your field.

A few free marketing strategies that work well are blogging, live video, youtube, and podcasting. Using informative and value driven content marketing can go a long way with consumers who are either just being introduced to your product or a know you but haven’t quite gotten to the conversion comfort level just yet.

Building a relationship through marketing is key to creating an ongoing conversation that builds trust moves customers easily through a buyer journey. When you spend time with value driven marketing (content based or not) you are saying I care about you and I am here to serve your needs whether you buy from me or not. No one can refuse that kind of service.

To shift from lack of sales to sales every single day you have to be intentional. It won’t just happen with consistency and the right marketing strategies things can and will turn around.

A few action steps you can take right now include, set clear, concise and actionable marketing goals for each month. I say actionable because just creating goals mean nothing without execution. Set aside money in your business for a marketing budget even if its just $25.00 a week (I am a true believer in start where you are). Find the highest converting free marketing strategies you have found work in your business and do those over and over again. Lastly, be consistent market, promote, go live, add value, post testimonials, spend time with your customers every single day. Find out when they are online and spend time with them helping them to learn more about what you have to offer and your transformative solutions that will change their life.