It takes a lot more work to reach your customers in today’s crowded market. I am always an advocate for marketing strategies that work and are FREE to start before moving on to paid channels.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to get your business out in front of your ideal customers on a regular basis without having to blow your marketing budget. This marketing channel will build your customer base by engaging them and providing them with content that converts. 

Content Marketing focuses on creating value for your target audience through information. Newsletters, White Papers, Videos, Blogs, Lives are all great ways to provide relevant content that can help engage, answer relevant questions, deepen your connections, and push them towards taking action in your business.

What makes content marketing so great is that it is not a direct sell. It’s simply information that allows consumers to make a more informed decision when taking action. It also keeps you and your company from focusing strictly on sales and more on relationship.

When creating content for your target audience the key word is value. The value will come from the customers needs, wants, and desires so it’s paramount to be tuned in to your audience. When you create value, you build trust, which in turn allows you to convert sales much easier.

Simple content marketing strategies that you can implement right now include writing a blog post, recording a youtube video on your business best practices, customer testimonials, and asking relevant questions (and answer them).

It takes time and effort to develop a great content marketing strategy. With the right focus however it can be done. Remember this is an opportunity to connect with your customers (and potential customers ) on a deeper level. I always say in marketing when you can connect with your customers you can collect from your customers.

Start your strategy, build brand awareness, rock your marketing and biz!