When you are running an online business one of the most successful ways to build passive income is through online sales funnels.

Sales funnels are customer journeys that allow potential clients the opportunity to move through a customer journey in order to do business with your company.

When you are building a sales funnel for your digital and offline products its important to note that there are many different ways to achieve your funnel goals.

Today, I am going to break down the 7 different sales funnels you need in your business in 2019.

All of these may work for you at different times and some can used in conjunction with others.

Here are the 7 types of Sales Funnels you need in 2019.

Self- Liquidating Funnels – These are not created for profit, but rather to build your email list. When you build your list you are then creating a group of qualified buyers who are great for upsells, events, and high end offers. Most self- liquidating funnels offer a low end tripwire to an upsell and then another upsell. The goal of this funnel is to acquire qualified leads and break even on your ad spend and build in your profit with your upsells.

Automated Webinar Funnel – An automated webinar funnel is typically used to sell products in the $199- $299 price point. The automated webinar process allows you to spend up to one hour educating your customer on content. Once you have the hour completed you can offer them the opportunity to purchase a product from you. The best part about the automated webinar is that the sells take place every single day all day. You can set it on evergreen and allow them to run daily.

Lead Magnet + Email Funnel – This is the most common type of sales funnel. All you need is an email provider. This works best for products in the price point $17.00 – $197.00. These are set up similar to self liquidating funnels you set up a free lead magnet, email nurture system, and then on to a sale. You will send about 3-8 emails from introduction to sale to help the customer become comfortable with purchasing from you and your brand.

High End Client Sales Funnel – This is for premium packages, typically with coaching and done for you services. This funnel is all about qualifying your leads before hand. Most people who are spending upwards of $1,000 plus need to feel confident in their purchase by speaking to a person over the phone, via video, or face to face. These funnels are typically a lead page, to questionnaire, to a call, and sale.

Free Shipping + Sales Funnel – These work for your low cost products most often books. In this funnel the goal is to get your book in the hands of those who are interested without costing them a dime in shipping. This is another great funnel for upsells.

Affiliate Sales Funnel – The affiliate sales funnel is perfect for entrepreneurs who don’t have their own funnels. In these funnels you can work in conjunction with other marketers as an affiliate, selling their products/services to your audience and others. There are a few variations of this funnel but the simplest way is a landing page, to a video, to affiliate sales. If the affiliate is a membership style affiliate offering freebies or low cost trial rates are a great way to find new consumers.

The Challenge Funnel – A challenge funnel is all about list building and allows you to set up a 3-5 challenge to grow your list and build out qualified buyers. The challenge funnel typically goes from landing page, to challenge entry, to sales pitch on the last day.

There you have it 7 Sales Funnels you need in your business in 2019. The great thing about funnels is they can be used in conjunction with one another or alone depending on your outcomes.