My husband and I have worked from our home office for years. It’s been an amazing experience and has really supported our desire to be more family oriented. Furthermore, it has bolstered our company profits allowing us to keep our profits high and our margins low all while building a remarkably successful business. 

Over the years raising our children and keeping them home with us has been enriching part of our experience. 

One of the perks of working from home is close proximity to our children and their world.  -tweet this


This year for the first time all 3 of our children will be in school full-time. We are looking forward to our new found freedom but first we have to get through the summer, a time that can prove to be challenging for some parents. 

  I have managed to find a nice cadence when it comes to working from home with my kids. It takes time , practice, and patience, but in the meantime check out my 3 P’s of successfully working from home with kids.


1. Patience – I am sure you expected this one! When we had our second child it was my first experience working from home. Our son was active, lively, and always on the go. It was rather difficult to sit down and get work done while he was awake. Patience was really important for me during this time. I had to understand he was a child and needed to be engaged, needed attention, and needed me his mother. I spent a lot of nights working late, or during nap times. As I created a schedule for him I seemed to find more time during my day but it took some getting used to on his part. This same level of patience applies to an even greater degree during the summer. If your like me and have multiples at home getting them all settled at once may prove to be easier said than done but not impossible. Patience allows you to remain calm and keep anxiety at bay. 


2. Preparation – Setting expectations is key to productive work from home environments. Children should be informed and anticipate a regular routine and schedule.  Simple communication particularly for younger kids will foster a sense of expectancy for the kids, they will know when you are going to have breaks or periods of silence. Furthermore, they will understand the need for you to be in your workspace uninterrupted. Kids love structure and keeping with a semi-structured day not only benefits you as a parent, it will help with adjustment period once they return to school as well.


3. Part-time It – If you can afford to take part-time days everyday or a few days a week. I choose 2-3 days a week to work part-time and spend time with the kids. We take field trips, schedule playdates, or simply enjoy some time at the pool. These days help the kids to feel like they are still a priority while still maintaining the business.  Part-time days maybe reserved for slower days, work can be automated or times when you can turn work over to a trusted employee. These tips are just a few of the ways I have handled working from home with kids. Every family is different so you certainly have to do what works for you, however having a plan is crucial to your success.  Work from home environments are non-traditional so don’t compare your life or home to that of those who have a more traditional work environment,  be prepared to create your own idea of normal. Take it slow, encourage and praise your kids along the way, and keep the big picture in mind spending quality time with the little ones you love.