What about failure? Is it or is not an option!

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Blog | 0 comments

Is failure an option for you? Probably not, but it is apart of the process! It helps us grow and learn in ways that would otherwise not happen had we not failed.  I mean if everything in our life was great and we always succeeded where would be get our wisdom, our experience.  Just think with me for a moment all the times you’ve failed, all the lessons learned, all the grace given, all the heartaches that made you stronger. 

What is failure but a teachable momentTweet this

Watch the video and tell me your thoughts on failure.

Tell me about the experiences you’ve had and what you’ve learned as a result. Had you never failed you would be puffed up, full of yourself, and prideful. But God loves us so much he allows us to fall so we can always depend solely on him. Different perspective I know. Change your mind and challenge your thinking!

Blessings and nothing less!


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