Everywhere you turn there is a discussion about work/life balance. There are tons of articles online, blogs, radio and television discussions, conferences and events all centered around how to balance your life and work. 

As a wife, mom of 3, entrepreneur, and coach I am always searching for tips and tricks to maximize my time and teach to clients. After reading dozens of articles and books, watching videos online, and listening to a ton of radio/television interviews around the idea of work/life balance I have to say I think its more fiction than fact. 

Here’s why:

Work/Life balance is subjective. What one person considers balance maybe totally out of balance for someone else. Not to mention  we are more balanced in one area than we are in others. For example, you may be really balanced when it comes to relationships with your spouse but have difficulty balancing relationships with your children.  Since no one is perfect there may always be apart of our lives we are neglecting. 

Life is lived in seasons. The seasons of our lives are constantly changing. One season you are raising children and working and the next season you are retired and volunteering. You may have times that are far more busy than others. Even if your intent is to slow down or ramp up seasons play a large factor in determining true balance.

Balance is based on support. I am guilty of writing articles encouraging women to hire out or get someone to help, attempting to inspire them to live a more balanced life. What I realized, I was assuming there were resources available to make this happen. Not just monetary resources but people that were trustworthy, honest, and available.    

Balance is based on a strong support system, until that is established a balanced life will be difficult to obtain.Tweet this


Now this is not to discredit the research I have done. As a matter of fact, I have used a lot of recommendations to tip the scales in my favor of a more balanced life. I am saying however, that there is and probably never will be a  perfected even distribution of work and life in any one person’s existence.

No one has it all together and we are all in need of God’s grace so we can carry out all the the tasks he has assigned for us. Grace will keep you grounded, rooted, planted, and balanced. 


~ Blessings and nothing less ~