When I first started out on my entrepreneurial journey I quickly learned just how lonely it is. There are very few people who understand the life of an entrepreneur and even fewer who actually embrace that life as their own.

There were days  when I simply longed to talk with someone. By talk, I don’t mean just whine and complain (although I really wanted to do that too) but to have a conversation that would serve as a point of accountability, rationale, motivation, and encouragement.

As a person of action, I begin to execute on my desires.  I would attend networking groups, conferences, and workshops. I would avail myself to every opportunity that allowed me to be with “likeminded” individuals and  what I found (most times) were a lot of people, but the complete absence of authenticity and connection.

Surely, I wasn’t alone in well, feeling alone (sounds funny but true…).

So, I began feverishly researching those I considered successful,  I admired, those at the top echelon of entrepreneurship and here is what I found.

They all belonged to a community that served them where they were!!!

BINGO…I knew I wasn’t destined for no man’s land…

Once again I started out on my quest.  This time to find MY TRIBE, MY CREW, MY COMMUNITY that would finally serve as the validation I needed as an entrepreneur.

But once again there was a bit of a slap in the face, it stung a little too…

You see, I face unique challenges as a wife, mom of 3, and business owner a few times over Click To Tweet. Not that women who aren’t in my shoes can’t understand, but its hard having a conversation about soccer games and profit and loss statements with everyone.

The whole purpose of community is to be aligned with those who share similar interests, goals, and challenges. It's even one of the highest needs as an individual right after food and shelter, a sense of belonging. Click To Tweet

Remember in high school when the band kids, jocks, cheerleaders, and nerds all hung together? It was there community, their place where they belonged, where they felt safe, accountable, and encouraged.

In my search, I found lots of generalities, we have a need to be inclusive but community is about specifics, niches, and pointed interests.  With that is mind, I decided I would create something unique for women like myself.

Ambitious, driven, business focused women who are mothers, business owners, wives, daughters, + friends, simultaneously!!! 

Momspace – the online business community for entrepreneurial moms came as a result and it has been the secret sauce to success for so many!!! 

Now you maybe saying there are 1,000 mommy communities right now and you are right but there’s no mommy community like this community.

We are exclusive group of hard working mompreneurs who have built successful businesses through grassroots efforts while simultaneously raising children!

There’s absolutely nothing average about that AND we aren’t afraid of success and yes we believe you CAN have it all. 

You can join today by clicking HERE

Community is a huge part of the entrepreneurial quest to success. We all need each other because success is never built in silo!!

Our current membership community is open and we are seeking out some new moms to come and join our profit playground.

The benefits of Momspace are amazing ( and I’m not just saying that because I am a member and founder) but the sense of community, connection, and authenticity is INVALUABLE…factor in the cost (which works for everyone)and it’s simply a no brainer!!!  

And Get this, Momspace has a place for you no matter what stage you are in business!!!

The beautiful thing is You can join Momspace TODAY and gain immediate access to all of the community has to offer!!

Not only that you will be connecting with over 1,100 mompreneurs instantly who are just like you!! The TRIBE is waiting for you! 

Don’t try to do this all on your own, ONLY with the right mentorship, guidance, accountability, and motivation can grow your business by leaps and bounds.

You can HAVE IT ALL, just not ALL ALONE!

Join the community, we are waiting for you.

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