Being a mother can be one of the most difficult and demanding jobs on the planet. Endless laundry, school work, projects, sleepless nights and lots of other things seeking to command your attention add another layer of running a business and things get even more complicated.

Given the day to day demands, finding the time or (permission without guilt) to nurture yourself can be challenging.  Taking moments to silence your mind, declutter your thoughts, and destress can be virtually impossible but are extremely important and necessary.

As mothers and entrepreneurs when we don’t show up for ourselves its absolutely impossible to show up for anyone else. No matter how hard you try, you simply can’t pour from an empty well.

When it comes to showing up for yourself this year it may mean taking back your power, being more intentional, releasing perfections, embracing your reality, and moving with the flow.

It will be messy, beautiful, vulnerable, and controlled all at the same time but it will be what you decided, all of your yes’s and  every one of your no’s.

“Freedom and self care are friends, when you choose you, you are in essence giving yourself the liberty to love, appreciate, and honor yourself without guilt, or regret.” 

Don’t be afraid to be there for yourself even more this year. Investing in you is not selfish or stingy its a necessity and the benefits are outstanding.

Here are a few easy ways you can show up for you in 2017:

  1. Get 8 or more hours of sleep
  2. Exercise
  3. Spend time in prayer daily
  4. Go shopping alone
  5. Have lunch at your favorite place alone or with friends you enjoy spending time with
  6. Take a day or half day off quarterly, monthly, or weekly.
  7. Play music you enjoy/dance to music you enjoy
  8. Cook for pure enjoyment not out of obligation
  9. Eat healthy
  10. Do things that make you happy even if you do them alone
  11. Let go of negative, cynical, or unhappy people or relationships
  12. Embrace imperfection
  13. Say NO, Say No, Say NO
  14. Show Gratitude
  15. Learn to let go of what you think life should be and embrace the way it is.

I am challenging you to make YOU a priority this year! It will require a mindset shift, and for some, a great deal of intent but its doable with the right attitude and fortitude.

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